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We are located in Tigard, Oregon and provide level 3 adult care, which is the highest level of care in adult foster care. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept medicaid. 

We span the level of care from independent activities of daily living to around the clock hospice care. We create a warm and cheerful environment just like home for all our residents.

Here at Danielle's we consider ourselves family and will do everything we can to make our residents feel safe, cared for and at home.

Patience is key at Danielle's.

We understand that age, and life can cause things to slow down a bit, putting you in a position of needing a place where you can go at your own pace while still living life at its fullest potential!

The "not so simple anymore"...

For some of us the simplest things have become "not so simple anymore". This is why our team of trained caregivers is here to make life simple and easy again.

Getting up, sitting down and moving around for some are a bit more work than others take for granted. We understand and have the patience to be there for those who need us.

We have the ability to handle all forms of personal assistance right down to the basic functions of life Twenty four hour awake night care is available, which is unique in Adult Foster Care.

What makes our home so special is that it is a real home.

We create a real home living environment with pets, privacy and real food that we cook ourselves. We consider it our job to make all the residents feel at home. We also try to get out and about when we can but at our own pace. Especially during the Spring Season!

We know how to cook and take advantage of seasonal/regional foods all growing season!

We specialize in good ole American food. Well balanced food (like we used to have). Meat, potatoes and gravy with a green vegetable and dessert are some of the old days type foods we offer.

Because we are a smaller home, we can make really yummy, nutritious foods, as would any cook for their family. We use organic foods as much as possible.

If a resident doesn't like a meal we are serving, it is our policy to provide something they do like in its place.

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We celebrate birthdays, Holidays and have family time...

We have our own gardens and grow our own tomatoes...

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